Multi-Engine Rating

Ready to start flying bigger planes? A multi-engine rating is a must have for any pilot pursuing a career in aviation. With your multi rating you can start building hours to meet airline multi-engine minimums.

Planning on Flying Twin Engines? Time for Some Multi-Engine Training.

Pilots with a multi-engine rating enjoy the incredible improvement in the performance and capabilities of multi-engine aircraft. Our multi-engine programs focus on flight in both visual (VFR) and instrument (IFR) meteorological conditions.

While technically, there is no minimum number of instruction hours required for this rating, it does require an instructor endorsement of safety and proficiency before the final checkride.

Multi-Engine Rating


1-2 Weeks


Starting at $4,725

Multi-Engine Flight Training Program Includes:

  • 10 hrs. of flight instruction in one of Thrust Flight’s Piper Seminoles
  • 5 hrs. personalized ground instruction


  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be able to read, write, and converse fluently in English
  • Hold BasicMed or a 3rd class (or higher) FAA medical certificate

The multi-engine rating is an additional aircraft class rating. A person who applies for an additional class rating on a pilot

  • Must have a logbook or training record endorsement from an authorized instructor attesting that the person was found competent in the appropriate aeronautical knowledge areas and proficient in the appropriate areas of operation.
  • Must pass the practical test.

There are no specified minimum training time requirements, and there is no additional knowledge test that must be taken

Multi-Engine Rating Frequently Asked Questions

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